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When the mouse is away…

If there was any doubt as to EU justice commissioner Viviane Reding’s ambitions, here’s some telling insight.

Barely is President Barroso’s back turned, but she’s seeking to usurp him.

This time, she’s been caught on camera, in this latest EU commission ‘stockshot’ video of the commissioners arriving for their weekly meeting.

Not only is La Reding planting herself shamelessly in Cap’n Bozo’s chair, she also appears to be planting some kind of boobytrap.

And seemingly with the complicity of the commission’s own sec gen Catherine Day, looking on gamely. She. Should. Know. Better.

Thanks again to yet another observant BM reader. (We’re very glad you had nothing better to do this particular afternoon than to watch silent videos of people talking near chairs…)

Fast forward 1m16s.


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