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Berlaymonster: Now Under New Mismanagement

Witzenkandidat process settles on new snark

Hi, me here. The one on the right.

The time has come to hand over the Typing Mittens of Eurosnark (patent still pending) after about 18 years of frankly changeable and dwindling output.

After 22 years in Brussels, I moved to London in 2020. There was an initial hiatus during the Big Global Sniffle but then I managed to cling on to my Eurovillage existence through freelance advisory work. That mainly involved drinks at the Coin du Diable on Thursdays and long Friday lunches at the Rosticceria (RIP) with old friends and contacts. Then back on the Eurostar for free wine and wasabi nuts in the business lounge. All vital work, you understand.

During that time I made a half-arsed attempt to keep the BM blog and social media accounts running, but clearly needed to be a bit more whole-arsed about it.

And now I've gone and got a full-time grown-up journalism job in London which will ultimately, and finally, pluck me away from the slightly inappropriately clingy and inebriated embrace of Brussels.

So I have handed over this questionable legacy and archive of inconsequence to someone new, who will either breathe new life into it and begin a fresh new sparkling stream of EU whimsy, or if they have any sense, leverage it for short term financial gain and drive it into the dust.

"Who is it?" I hear you ask.

That would be telling.

"Yes, that would be telling - that's the idea, that's why I asked", you reply.

But I don't tell.

[a lone bugle strikes up a melancholic taps, as I head for the Eurostar one final time. After a few more Thursday beers and another last long Friday lunch...]

Look after Brussels for me.



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