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What is the EU for?

Whilst driving down Rue Belliard, one of BM’s devoted family of ever-so-geeky (you know you are) readers spotted the below banner and snapped it on his camera phone:

It poses the ultimate question:

What is the EU for?”

And it’s answer?


So much for clarity.

So all those that might be interested in finding out the (presumably subjective) answer to the question would:

  1. have to remember that they were still interested by the time they reach their destination OR

  2. swerve out of four lanes of traffic to find the nearest computer

  3. fire up their computer

  4. try to remember the website mentioned in the banner

  5. get there in the end:

  6. download another piece of software to open the MISSION STATEMENT

  7. read it, then wonder why the second page is blank

But what the ‘Monster likes best, is bullet-point nr. 8: “to help Europe benefit economically and socially from globalisation”, apparently “proposed by Ms Kinga Kohari of Hungary, winner of the ALDE citizens competition“.

Although we’re stumped as to why a budget supermarket chain is getting involved in European affairs, we love the idea of the EU’s mission statement being written by winners of a “citizens competition”.

So much so, in fact, that we’re offering five lucky readers the chance to redraft the Reform Treaty. To enter, send us a postcard with you answer to the question “What is the EU for?” to the usual address. Don’t forget to include a stamped, self-addressed envelope and a brown envelope with 20.000 EUR in used fifties. Winners may or may not be announced sometime in the future.

So that’s it. Might be the last one before Christmas. A seasonal Winterval to all, but especially to Maltese MEP hopeful Roberta Metsola Tedesco Triccas, who said that the Berlaymonster was no less than “her favourite website“. Miss MTT, we salute you (and a very shrewd move as well – future MEPs take note: flattery will buy you immunity from the sharp tongue of the ‘Monster).

So Happy New Year, and Vote Roberta!

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