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Twitter servers survive pdt Barroso move online

Even the Berlaymonster, a 1600 year old relic born in the dying days of the Roman Empire, has been on Twitter since the beginning of this year.

But it took until now to finally lure the European Commission’s president, or ‘pdt’ (‘pomme de terre’) Jose Manuel Barroso into the world of online comms.

The ‘news’ was announced at the EU journalists’ daily briefing. In fact, it was the only announcement of any substance. It was also tweeted vigorously by pdt Bozo’s team of twokespeople.

He got thousands of followers within minutes.

And he rewarded them with this pearl of 140-character wisdom:

“I am delighted to join all of you on Twitter. Let’s build Europe together! JMB”

BM rather hopes there’ll be an improvement. Perhaps whimsical updates on the lack of sandwich options around the HQ Berlaymont building. Or ‘LOLZ’ about visiting dignitaries’ halitosis.

Follow pdt Bozo on @BarrosoEU. Or follow BM on @Berlaymonster and rest assured, BM’ll will pass on anything he says worth recounting.

“140 characters? That’s more than in the whole commission! Oops, was that to everyone?”


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