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They get verse …

Thank you to BM reader ‘Joe Borg’s inflatable pirate ship’ for her (vessels are all ladies, right?) deftly-crafted lines in response to the ‘Monster’s effort at commissioner-themed limericks.

JBIPS should be lauded in particular for tackling one of the less rhyme-prone among the EU’s unelected elite:

Lithuanian Dalia Grybauskaité, Used to turn up for work in her nightie. Boss Barroso despaired, So he finally prepared A mobilisation of the Flexibility Instrument to permit the financing of clearly identified expenditure which could not be financed within the limits of the ceilings available for one or more headings of the multiannual financial framework.

What the above stanza demonstrates, above all, is the kind of challenge faced by the Brussels-based limerician.

‘Monster therefore proposes the following as a rather crude ‘catch-all’ attempt, obviating the need for further commissioner-specific satirical verse:

The entire commissioner college, Is bereft of all relevant knowledge. Their spirits are stunted, Their wits are all blunted, And their brains are like watered-down porridge.

Log on next week for the opening entries in the BM competition to write a short story about an MEP’s constituency officer in the style of a 19th Century French Conte Fantastique.

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