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The ‘Monsters 2007

It’s that time of year when periodicals of varying quality conduct retrospectives of the year past, assessing in some instances how the leading personalities in any given field have fared.

As an online periodical of variable quality, the ‘Monster is pleased to follow suit.

Although, operating as the ‘Monster does in the EU sphere, we’re hard pressed to find any leading personalities, so a prod at the shower of has-beens and never-will-bes that inhabit our world will have to do.

BM is launching a gong-fest of its own, inspired in part by the European Voice’s tired ‘EV50’ awards in which MEPs and commissioners take it in turns to receive awards one year after the next.

It’s an award ceremony that prompted one BM reader to call into question the alleged high desert of some of the recipients. Why, it was posited, was “raddled Austro-bag” Benita Ferrero-Waldner pinned with ‘diplomat of the year’?

“Real diplomats” our correspondent notes “have been heard to describe her handling of the Lebanon crisis as “stunningly bad”. She also made a fist of Palestinan funding talks. In the medics affair thare are still persistent stories that she played a role in arm-twisting the Bulgarian victims to drop any litigation based on the fact they were tortured.”

Other readers sprayed cappuccino incredulously from their nostrils on seeing Viviane Reding receive ‘commissioner of the year’ for interventionist telecoms market regulation beyond the call of duty.

Nominations are therefore now open for the first ever annual ‘Monsters.

We look forward to your suggestions for the awards themselves and their proposed recipients.


The Awards Committee ‘Monsters ’07

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