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The Might of the ‘Monster: EU swearword now christened

First recorded usage of new pan-EU profanity spotted

BM is proud, nay, smug even to announce that the new pan-European swearword, unveiled by our own esteemed virtual organ , has registered its first independent usage.

The expletive ‘kuñardocz’ has been spotted on an Irish blog in what the ‘Monster is extra pleased to note is an exemplary exploitation of the word.

The author has delivered a textbook invocation of kuñardocz in its use as an ejaculation of anger or frustration.

BM readers are encouraged to follow suit, and slip the imprecation at random into your missives, e-mails, memos, Green Papers, press releases, job applications etc.

To paraphrase Spike Milligan:

Say kuñardocz every day That’s what my grandma used to say It keeps at bay the Asian Flu’ And both your elbows free from glue. So say kuñardocz every day (That’s what my grandma used to say)

To help with spoken usage, here is a phonetic representation of the word:

[ kʊnjaːrdɔʒ ]

Last one to use it is a wanker.

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