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The experts speak

From the BBC.

“Have Your Say – Are Romania and Bulgaria ready to join the EU?”

“ABSOLUTELY NOT! they are way behind any civilized countries, dirty, dangerous, villages without electricity and pluming, no highways,bandits, corruption from the government to the last policeman. Did you see any Hospital? did you visit their Casinos and Brothels? any Pharmacies? any trains? any public rest rooms? any open markets? any schools? FORGET ABOUT IT !!!!! may be in another 50 yrs or so ! Admitting them, it will be a slap on other former ex communist countries !!!”

– Minodora Pancu, Orastia Mare

“We will be importing trouble. The British are being sidelined, particularly the English. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all have their own Parliaments. England as to share its Parliament with everyone. The English have allowed themselves to be ruled by outsiders Scot, Welsh an Irish for too long. We need and English Parliament for English affairs and the right to say who comes and goes in our Country.”

– richate1, England, United Kingdom

“How many MORE scrounging vagabond rubbish are we expected to put with? WE have more that enough of OUR OWN TO WORRY ABOUT! NO MORE !!!!”

– Tina, UK

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