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The European Ties that Bind Us

Someone didn’t get the “Big on Big Things” memo, as MEPs call for a ‘European Cravat Day’

Must have been a quiet May this year. Just the burgeoning migrant crisis to deal with, a conflict minerals law to sign off on, loans to Ukraine, and an Emissions Trading System to reform.

So plenty of time for the European Parliament to think up a new Thing-That-Hasn’t-Been-Europeanised-Yet.

And they came up with….


That’s right, a European Parliament document from May now made public “calls on the Commission to establish a European Cravat Day.”

Europe, it explains, “is the birthplace of the cravat”, and the tie has in time “become an indispensable item of clothing, gradually winning over Europe and the whole world.”

Nnnnnno. Just…. No.

“For centuries the tie was characteristic of Europeans, namely people with a European spirit and values, and has gradually become a symbol of European fashion,” the MEPs reason.

And as each EU presidency traditionally unveils its own tie, the accessory “is even considered a symbol of the EU,” they say.

Establishing an EU Day of the Tie will contribute to “maintaining and strengthening interpersonal links between Europeans, as well as their links with the rest of the world.”

One can only postulate that this particular group of MEPs may have been wearing theirs a little too tightly…

(And that the current Greek government will be unlikely to embrace the initiative…)

BM (& *Hat-Tip* to anonymous, who sent through the link to the document…)

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