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Taxonomy, tax onna you: Commission launches new guidelines on EU collective nouns

EU wordsmiths stumped by Brussels jargon and wondering what to call various groups of officials or professionals can now consult a simple new guide created by the EU Taxonomy and Appellation Regulation Communication Mechanism.

Just as you would refer to a “pride” of lions or a “murder” of crows, you are now authorized to use the following terms:

A *notwork* of EU leaders

  • a surplus of presidents

  • a conflagration of ambassadors

  • a Plux of EP assistants

  • a range of stakeholders

  • a cluster/flock of spokespersons

  • a steaming pile of consultants

  • a hangover of stagiaires

  • an owl of parliaments

  • a garble of translators

  • a bung of lobbyists

  • a shuffling of event moderators

  • a knot of special advisers

  • a unit of heads of unit

  • an exaggeration of communications directors

  • a phalanx of Directors-General

  • a ream of journalists

  • a panel of self-appointed social media experts

  • a bouquet of satirists [shurely shome mishtake. ed]

EU stakeholders are invited to submit their own proposals for the new technology on social media with the hashtag #NewEUTaxonomy

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