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Stephen Pollard – back to school!

Stephen Pollard - can't count to ten
Vicky Pollard - can count to ten

Stephen Pollard, head of Brussels based “think” tank, Centre for the New Europe, took great pleasure in complaining in The Times that “29% of adults could not calculate the area of a floor”.

Seems that Mr Pollard, and the entire sub-editing staff of The Times, can’t count to ten.

Let’s bear in mind that Mr Pollard is the “Director” of a “think” tank that hosts debates and dinners (including the infamous “Capitalists Ball” where drunk horsey wimmin drink champagne and fall over) for the EU’s cognoscenti.

And then read this:

“… on January 1, 2004, eight other new member states joined the EU …”

Spot the deliberate mistake? Hell, let’s go the whole hog! Spot TWO mistakes?

Dear Mr Pollard, Cyprus, plus the Czech Republic, plus Estonia, plus Hungary, plus Latvia, plus Lithuania, plus Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia equals TEN!

And what’s more. It was May, not January. But then calendar was always our toughest subject, too.

Mr Pollard, you are welcome to join the staff of the Berlaymonster. We don’t let veracity get in the way of a good fact. (Thanks to Tippler for the lead)

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