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Speakie Ingleesh?

Moliere is turning in his grave and Goethe can be heard chuntering in his vault. Dante, meanwhile, is shaking his fist from the terraces of Mount Purgatory.

The European Commission has triggered their ire with a fabulous display of linguistic ineptitude.

This week, Friday 26 September is ‘European Day of Languages’. Did you know that? Was it in your diary already? If not, why not, and shame on you etc.

In a programme published today for the week’s activities (yes, the European ‘Day’ of Languages is to last a week), the commission trumpets a ‘business platform’, an awareness campaign entitled ‘French, a rare language?’, a ‘fun’ computer game on languages, and a conference on early language learning in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

The programme, however,

is only available in English…

See it in all its monolingual glory here.

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