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Simply the (second) Best

PR coup for the EU’s First … er … Second Lady

In a term of office that has not been the best in media terms, the EU’s foreign affairs ‘High Representative’ seems finally to have made a dent in the negative coverage.

Granted, this week’s splash on her caught on camera panicking that she wouldn’t recognise her VIP guest won’t have helped (see Telegraph and BM’s own offering).

But hey, at least she’s no longer being calumniated with the inference that she may be ‘the best paid female politician in the world.’

Until earlier this year that was how she was described in the British press, with the Telegraph leading the charge.

However, with the elevation of Christine Lagarde to head of the IMF a year ago, La Ashton and her team, it seems, eventually tired of the lies.

Press room banter has it that the paper was instructed to amend its slanderous ways, with her team pointing out that she no longer held the top spot.

Dutifully, the paper has since referred to her at every possible mention as “Lady Ashton, the second best paid female politician in the world.”

In fact, the turnaround in the Telegraph’s references to her, from ‘best paid’ to ‘second best paid’, came just after the arrival of new senior advisor Daniel Korski.

Perhaps this PR coup was his doing.

180 000 euros well spent.

Now he just needs to work on cribbing ‘names and faces of world leaders.’

Ashton and Korski swotting up for her next meeting


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