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Shock as Barroso misses rent-a-quote opportunity

Brussels is reeling after it transpired last week that EU commission president Jose Manuel Barroso missed a chance to blurt something inconsequential about a thing that has happened.

Bozo is not usually shy to offer his congratulations or commiserations, even in issues with only a tenunous link to EU matters (see ‘Monster passim).

Why, then, were there no words of praise for Europe’s table-football teams, after Belgium, Germany and a host of other glorious EU states blew away the rest of the world in the 2012 world cup last week?

Surely this was an open goal to ‘warmly congratulate’ them on their successes, and take some credit for the ‘European spirit of teamwork’ that has ‘propelled the EU despite world wars and crises to where it is today’ (still teetering on the western extreme of the Eurasian tectonic plate).

Note to Bozo’s people: The 2012 Rock Paper Scissors World Championship is in November, plenty of time to prepare a congratulatory missive in advance should Europe put in a good performance.


(thanks to contributor cheesywotsit for this one)

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