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Setback for MEP ‘Single Seat’ campaign as details unveiled

‘and we want a big fucking hammer that can summon thunder’

Support for the European Parliament to stop its 200 million euro travelling circus between its twin bases of Brussels and Strasbourg has taken a hit, after details of the ‘Single Seat’ plan were made public.

The ‘single seat’ they had in mind, it seems, is actually a 1.3-tonne gilded throne with mythical divine powers of legislative scrutiny and initiative.

And MEPs want one each.

“If I’m not getting my monthly jollies down in Strasbourg, and I’m saving the EU millions of euros, I demand something in return,” said an un-named fictional French MEP.

“A big posh chair should do it.”

Some members have also entered an amendment to ask that the ‘what-happens-in-Strasbourg-stays-in-Strasbourg’ principle is carried over to apply once a month in Brussels, if the parliament’s political home is consolidated in the Belgian capital.

One of the perks of the Strasbourg jaunt is that French rules governing the political elite apply there, including key waivers from the sanctity of holy matrimony.

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