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Scant rhyme, no reason

After the mewling success of a BM limerick earlier this year about commissioner Kallas (it rhymes with ‘phallus’, *snicker*), which triggered literally an avalanche of no responses, belatedly here are two more, devoted to two more of our glorious leaders (ones with names that rhyme more easily. You try rhyming ‘Piebalgs’ for fuck’s sake).

That Reding’s a ghoulish old spectre, As scary as Hannibal Lecter. With brimstone and hellfire, And her gimp Martin Selmayr, She’s the scourge of the telecoms sector.


Commissioner Antonio Tajani Has a dark secret life as a tranny. They say he’s convincing With make-up and mincing, Just a shame that he hasn’t a fanny.

It was at this point that ‘Monster aborted the admittedly ambitious attempt at eviscerating the entire College of Commissioners in verse. Should any BM reader care to take up the plume, servez-vous…

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