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‘Save the environment and fly to Puerto Rico’

It’s up there with ‘Lose weight, eat pie now’, or ‘New Treaty? Why not put it up for a referendum!’.

Many thanks to a tree-hugging BM reader who sent in this (oxy-)moronic campaign.

The National Geographic Society has announced a competition called “Combat Climate Change!” (exclamation mark included).

In line with the eco-concerns at the core of the contest, the press release stresses submissions “are ONLY taken online” (capitals included).

It’s open to students in Europe, and invites our continent’s yoot to submit a project stating a climate change problem and a proposed solution.

But the prize is a place for two on a trip to the Puerto Rican rainforest.

What is unclear is whether that expedition includes a mission to plant the 46 trees needed to offset the 3.2 tonnes of carbon dioxide expended for the two lucky winners to take the ten thousand mile round-trip from Europe to San Juan and back …

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