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Rumours and lies 21/02/07

Weekly round-up of some nonsense you might have missed:

  1. Mandelson asks for a Maserati – This one is a stretch of the imagination even for the ‘Monster. With his predilection for fast cars, Six Jeunes Hommes and Bikram Yoga, shirley it’s only a matter of time before somebody suggests he might … you know … be a poof? -via the Open Europe Blog

  2. Naked MEPs – Apparently for a fiver you’ll be able to corrupt a security guard at the Parliament for a look at Europe’s finest without any clothes on. – via England Expects

  1. DIY European Constitution – The Adam Smith Institute is offering a grand to anybody who can write a better EU constitution. The competition means compressing 76000 words into under 2000. Sounds like too much hard work for us, but if there’s a reader out there who takes part, let us see a copy of your entry and we’ll publish the first 100 words and something witty/caustic/lame about it on this blog, to be seen by thousands.

  2. European Parliament smoking ban banned – With just about everybody having something to say about it. So we’ll say nothing. We’re off for a fag.

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