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Reform Treaty exposed as elaborate prank

A reformed EU treaty supposedly put together by Europe’s 27 heads of state has been exposed as a hoax, following high profile controversy surrounding the document that infamously put noses out of joint in certain European countries.

European commissioners, leaders, and parliamentarians alike were red-faced this morning, having been taken in by the elaborate prank, which kept them preoccupied for years, and threatened to drag on for many months to come.

The Czech Presidency of the EU is currently trying to decide how to deal with this major embarassment.

Critics from countries who feel they came out badly from the work are already calling for it to be dismantled.

The unnamed architect of the mischief told the ‘Monster it was “time to draw the joke to a close.”

“Pulling the wool over the eyes of the entire European political elite was a wheeze, I have to tell you, kuñardocz”, he confided.

“But ordinary people were being dragged into the prank, and that wasn’t the idea.”

“Mobilising entire electorates to vote on whether there should be an effective dissolution of the three-pillar division in EU policy making and the mandate of an EU high representative, was kind of killing the humour.”

“Then to force them to vote twice was really no longer funny, so I decided to pull the plug.”

It’s a wonder it wasn’t spotted earlier …

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