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Reding the room

At the Global Mobile Awards last week in Barcelona (like the Oscars but with better reception), the GSM great and good gathered to and pat each other on the back for a good year’s work battling the forces of evil and DG INFSO.

In a show of humanitarian support, famed mobile users Robert Redford and lent their support to this beleaguered industry. However, the best line of the night emanated from the unlikely compere, Irish talk show host and comedian Graham Norton (perhaps he misheard ‘mobile’ for ‘nubile’).

Noting the heavy gender bias in the room (90% male, all simultaneously photographing and texting pictures of Isabella Rossellini to their friends), Norton quipped:

“Even Viviane Reding could get laid in about 10 minutes here.”

Well, that’s one way to empty a room full of castrated telecoms executives.

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