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Put down that lager and get back to work, says Brussels

With tax levels high and rising across the EU, bureaucracy stiffling small businesses, house prices climbing out of reach for first-time buyers, countries unable to keep their deficits within the Euro-rules, what now is the European Commission considering to give the EU economy a much needed kick up the vitals?

What, pray, is preoccupying their multilingual little minds?

Moreover, what next can they tenuously tar with the brush of the ‘Lisbon Strategy’, that all-purpose nebulous platonic model of economic effervescence?

Having a drink.

Berlaymonster can reveal from an internal memo: look out in the next few weeks for proselytising from EUHQ with “the main policy objective to reduce the health and social harm due to alcohol consumption and contribute to higher productivity and a sustainable economic development in EU in line with the objectives set out in the Lisbon Strategy.”

Pint anyone?

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