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Naked hat-standing ruled out as effective lobbying tactic

Ryanair boss Michael ‘Lary’ O’Leary has been at it again, loud-hailing his way into the headlines by being rude about Brussels.

On the eve of the European Commission’s anticipated veto of his planned merger with fellow Irish airline Aer Lingus, O’Leary buttered up the hacks with rich rhetorical pickings, accusing Brussels of being politically motivated and of having leaked the decision in advance (which it hadn’t – Ryanair itself had got there first weeks ago…).

He even said that EU competition commissioner Neelie Kroes ‘wouldn’t even even be impressed if he was standing on his hat, nude’.

Kroes today concurred with the cantankerous County Cork man, saying:

“He’s right, I wouldn’t be impressed.”

If he were, say, to attempt naked unicycling, however, that might be a different matter.

Next time, Mike.

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