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My Commissioner, the Lush

European Commissioner for telecoms Vivian Reding has been exposed as a champers-swilling lush, who’ll pop a cork at the drop of a hat.

Her spokesman Martin Selmayr told hacks today that Reding, currently on a trip to China, had cracked open a bottle of champagne on hearing her proposals to cap mobile roaming rates had been voted through a European Parliament committee (number seven on the ‘You know you’ve been in Brussels too long when …’ list).

Asked if she had genuinely indulged in a slug of bubbly, the soon-to-be-ex-spin doctor replied:

“If you knew commissioner Reding, you’d know she would never miss such an opportunity.”

BM is looking forward to the invite to the party when the proposals go to a decisive vote later this year.

And if it all goes pear-shaped, will she turn to gin instead?

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