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Mickey Mouse lobbyists

It’s a childish prank, but it made ‘Monster chortle.

Some wag this week has lodged ‘Mickey Mouse Entrprises’ [sic] as an organisation in the European Commission’s public register of lobbyists (click on the image on the right to see a screengrab of the entry).

The company, apparently, is a one-man operation with a 300 thousand euro budget and a stated goal “to make money.”

The honesty would be laudable if it wasn’t completely made up.

It’s a damn sight better than the Obama-esque vision set out by Mickey Mouse Entrprises’ rival Hill & Knowlton in its public register entry:

“We believe that communication has the power to create change and that real change only occurs with effective, powerful communication.

[rousing orchestral backing strikes up]

“Communication is the heart of what makes us human, what makes the world go round, and what we at Hill & Knowlton do day in and day out in 81 offices in 43 countries around the globe.”

[trumpets blare]

“Powerful communications that make a difference, that go beyond the ordinary, that can transform, inspire, move and educate is why we exist.”

[crescendo, triumphant cadence to standing ovation, as Europe elects its first ever lobbyist president]

Honestly, it’s enough to make ‘Monster want to join the French angry bikers’ federation (no, really. See here).


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