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Mandy candy comes in handy

Former Danish deputy PM Margrethe Vestager has clearly been taking tips from Darth Labour himself, Peter Mandelson.

Vestager appeared before MEPs this week in a confirmation hearing to become European commissioner for naughty companies. Or something.

A couple of hours into the questioning she reached for a piece of chocolate, and then blithely mentioned it in passing as a casual segue into a reply about dynamic tech markets. Or something.

So relaxed. So spontaneous.

So similar to UK candidate trade commissioner Peter Mandelson’s hearing in 2004.

That moment, (reported at the time by the FT and Telegraph), was also recalled more recently by Brussels laughist Geoff Meade.

In a blog entry only last week, he reminisced how:

“When Peter Mandelson was quizzed about his designated trade dossier years ago, he casually but calculatedly produced a bar of chocolate during questioning and ate it. The point was to display the FAIR TRADE label on the wrapper. Genius!”

Could she really? Would she have? Did she heed the Meade? Did she hark the prince of Darkness?

Either way, it worked. Look at them lap it up.

“An actual serious politician! With actual chocolate! And a pertinent if forced reference to her field of expertise!”

Judge for yourself:


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