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Libertas leftovers anyone?

Lisbon nay-sayers and failed euro-election contenders Libertas left behind a veritable treasure trove of hi-tech hardware in their abandoned Brussels offices when they jumped ship last year. The multi-thousand euro stash of goodies is just sat gathering dust in their vast, ghostly seventh-floor euro-HQ, which has been empty now for almost a year.

The Ireland-based campaigners simply upped sticks in early June last year, and ‘just left their toys behind’, in the words of one agent trying to find someone to take over the 760 meter square, 200,000 euro-a-year property.

Among the items strewn across this graveyard of Libertas’s obsolete cause are a handful of enormous flatscreen televisions, two ceiling-mounted projectors, a 5000 euro colour printer/copier, and six Sky decoders (yes, SIX).

That’s without counting the proliferation of phones, brand new (a year ago, and in any case barely used) desks and chairs, storage units, and all the telecoms and internet wiring necessary to run an office of upwards of 20 people.

“Most decisions that affect Europe are taken within a block of the property” boasts the developer’s blurb, describing the building as “just one block away from the European Commission Headquarters and the Council of Ministers.”

Maybe Libertas simply didn’t get on with the neighbours…

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