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Les Gourmonstres

Heartening to see that our long-suffering MEPs face the same dilemma of their austerity-stricken electorate: concern over where their next meal is coming from.

For your elected representative, the quandary is apparently which of Brussels’ 18 Michelin-starred restaurants to go to while sojourning in the EU capital, and luckily the European Parliament’s internal newsletter is there to help with an informative article entitled “Brussels, capital of what? Gastronomy, of course!” (the exclamation mark is the organ’s own).

The “EP Newshound” notes to its readers that Brussels has more Michelin stars than Rome, Berlin or Milan. It then adds – its tongue lodged somewhat in its truffle-filled cheek – that this is “the very least one would expect from a city that is home to several EU institutions.”

To underline that the gravy-train canine is being ironic, this is followed by an emoticon with a double chin:


… cute…

In a further self-effacing flourish, the newsletter’s masthead bears this rousing quote:

EP Newshound – dining on something other than paper, one assumes

“To reach the truth, you must waste time and stop working.”

As if they needed encouragement.

(and yes, as cheap shots go, that one was a freebie…)

Bon ap.


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