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Leaked doc reveals EU proliferation plans

Future of Europe, Inc.: EU gets into the new institutions business

As various and sundry EU presidents approve the Conference on the Future of Europe – already endorsed by the European Council presidency, the Commission, and the European Parliament Conference of Presidents *deep breath* – leaders are considering how to take the idea to the next level.

Inspired by the growth of citizens’ conventions and assemblies across several EU member states, and always up for adding a few wagons to the gravy train, they propose several new institutions, according to a draft declaration obtained by Berlaymonster.

Plans include a Conference on the Future of Presidents and a European Agency Bureau. In line with the journalistic trend of recent years of just bunging a leaked document into the public domain and foregoing the unpleasantries of ... um ... journalism, here is the document in full:

Future of Institutions declaration
Download PDF • 249KB

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