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Lame ducks’ fury over comparison with EU exec.

Injured wildfowl are up in wings over a “frankly libelous” claim that their handicaps somehow liken them to the current outgoing European Commission.

“Let me go, I have a quasi-governmental superstructure to run.”

A spokesduck for the CBE (Canards Boiteux d’Europe) said lame ducks were “incensed” at the suggestion that having “one slightly dodgy leg should somehow equate us with a shower of soon-to-be has-beens who wouldn’t know a diaper from an elbow-pad.”

“I mean, I can still FLY”, said the spokesduck. “This shower of tired old penguins couldn’t get a green paper off the ground, let alone themselves.”

The lame-duck alliance insisted it was “infinitely” more capable of running the EU executive than the departing team.

The CBE arranged a fly-by over the European Commission car-park, where they held a coordinated protest on the fleet of shiny black Mercs out back. They then headed south for winter to go and swim around in circles somewhere warmer. The departing European Commission is expected to join them in late November to do exactly the same. Just less well.


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