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Journos and the Jargonauts…

Following the success of our Political Sudoku feature last week (see below), make the most of the reams of inconsequential jargon-ridden coverage to come out of the EU Summit this week to join fellow BM readers in a game of:


As EU leaders meet to trot out the same old bilge about qualified majority voting et al, the ‘F-Key’ coverage is already starting to hit the newstand.

Pick any article about the EU Summit from any of your favourite, or least favourite, news media in the next few days, and simply tot up the Summit coverage cliches.

The submission with the most of the following words or phrases wins a disappointing set of Council Conclusions.

-Collapse -Crisis -Bilateral -Trialogue -Redlines -Lock horns -Cross swords -Face off over -EU blueprint -Diplomatic circles -Deadlock -Entrenched -Confessionals -Broker -Late into the night -Three/four-shirt summit -Last ditch -Eleventh-hour -Intransigence -Heels, dug in -Showdown -Breakthrough -Hammer out -Stalemate -Horse-trading -Deeply divided -Death-knell -Isolated -Clash -Camps -Rift -In tatters

*Journo-Lingo-Bingo isn’t a trademark of Berlaymonster Ltd.

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