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Jobs for life

So EU justice commissioner Viviane Reding has made a case for her boss, commission president Jose Manuel Barroso, to have yet another term, in an interview with Brussels EU info site Euractiv.

That would put him at the helm for 15 years.

More importantly, it could secure her an incredible fourth term at the commission’s top table, having first been nominated to Brussels by her native Luxembourg in 1999.

A put-up job between them?

Surely not.

Reding gets her instructions ahead of her Euractiv interview

The ‘jobs for life’ perk in the EU institutions is supposed to apply to the eurocrat staffers. Their political masters are supposed to be flushed out every five years to better reflect the prevailing political make-up and will of the national capitals.

Does the first-class carriage on the gravy train now have a lock on the inside?


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