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‘…if you would like an expression of our condolences, press 3…’

During the holiday period, at a time when it is hard to the point of impossible to squeeze an intelligible comment out of the European Commission on policy issues due to galloping absenteeism, the body seems only too happy to haemorage PR on other matters in which it has little or no competence whatsoever.

In two back-to-back press releases today, commission president Jose Manuel Barroso has issued his cut-and-paste condolences on the passing of Ingmar Bergman and Michelangelo Antonioni.

Bergman’s family will be no doubt touched by Barroso’s “great saddness [sic]”, while ‘Michelangleo’ [again, sic] Antonioni’s “family and friends” (as Bergman had no friends?) will take great comfort in their time of grief of the commission president’s “considerable sorrow“.

And all expressed in the utmost sincerity in that most personal of forms: a misspelt press release issued remotely while on holiday.

And the reason why he felt the need to spout forth? Well, er, they were both leading lights in ‘European’ cinema and, er, he is head of the, er, ‘European’ Commission…

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