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I done a speech

Don’t see what the fuss is all about European Commission president Barroso’s annual State Of The Union speech. This stuff writes itself. Note, in particular, the use of the deontic modality coupled with the abstract first-person plural. Textbook.

“Honourable members.

It’s been a year since I stood before you last in this capacity. And before that, another year had passed in between the opportunity two years ago and the one of last year.

It’s a pattern that has repeated itself for almost a decade.

And this achievement is not just about our success, together, but about completing that story. And you know, let me be honest, it’s no easy task. We have come a long way. And let’s make no mistake that there is further to go. But the opportunity this lends us for building that capacity for development, for innovation, in a globalised world, a world that’s increasingly global, is an opportunity not to be missed.

And yes, it’s a challenge. But only in taking up that challenge, can we hope to overcome those who tell us that it should never have happened, or could never prosper.

It was [insert clever person here] who once said [something clever].

And I firmly believe that that’s as true now as it has ever been, and has never been truer.

Although it has, as I say, been AS true as it is now. Then.

But it’s precisely at that moment, when those words are as true as they are today, that we face a decisive opportunity.

An opportunity for courage, an opportunity to be courageous enough to seize that opportunity, and a courageousness to be opportune about that seizure.

We must do what is necessary. It’s an imperative that must be addressed resolutely.

For history tells us, that unless we adapt to a dynamic transformation on a global scale, we risk missing that opportunity.

Which is why we must make that a priority in the run-up to the European elections.

The citizens expect it, and it’s the only way we can meet those expectations, by implementing the concrete actions to make that a reality.

If I might quote [another clever person], who said [clever-sounding quote in another language] [recapitulate in English].

Make no mistake, these are challenging times, but…”


BM (pdt)

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