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“How can you not love the Berlaymonster?”

Westmonster has been launched and Nosemonkey has the gentillesse to tip his hat to yours truly. He says that we are “entertaining”.

We have nothing to do with Westmonster. But we like the name. We are also for sale, if you’re interested.

Meanwhile, Reflections on cognitive interdependencies in policy making (why-oh-why didn’t we think of that?) sees “this blog as one of the best examples of the cyberspace part of this [EU] ecosystem ” [link]

Jon Worth says we’re “amusing“. Then he says we’re “patchy“.

Jon Worth is a communications consultant. Clearly of the highest calibre.

A fawning, poo-stained-nose piece from Brussels Comment describes us variously as “irreverent”, “humorous”, “great stuff” and asks the very pertinent “how can you not love Berlaymonster”?

… how indeed?

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