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Golddiggin’ Belgians scare off Eurocrats

Expats on the alert after honey-pots turn sour

Concern is mounting that wealthy, middle-aged men and women working for the European institutions in Brussels are being taken advantage of by money-hungry slappers and toyboys of Belgian extraction. It must be true, it’s in the papers.

Eurocrats are famous in the capital for their propensity to spend money on overpriced drinks, hookers and decorators, but this is the first time suggestions have been made over the willful manipulation of lonely-hearts at the painful expense of their “hard-earned” salaries.

Said one young lady from Vilvoorde, who preferred not to be named, “My friends and I always hang out in the European district after the close of work on Thursday and Friday. We’re guaranteed to find a fat Swede only too happy to spend his tax-free euros on keeping us bubbly. When it’s time to go home we kick him in the balls and call a cab.”

But Berlaymonster has heard of more sinister goings on the corridors of the European Parliament. Which right-leaning MEP is being blackmailed for more than a thousand euros a month by a former cleaner after he decided he didn’t need his knob polishing any more ???

Answers on a postcard. Winner gets a night out in Vilvoorde.

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