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Gamekeeper turned poacher

Former top eurocrat returns to Brussels as evil fwuffy-widdle-animal killer!

“Be vewwy vewwy quiet… I’m wobbying MEPs”

Welcome back, Bo Manderup Jensen. Did you miss us?

The Danish lobbyist set up shop this week in the European Parliament for “the largest lobbying event in the fur industry’s history” in his role as the fur-trade’s chief spokesman.

I bet the freebies were absolutely fabulous.

As tough sells go, advocating the fur trade must be one of the toughest. So I tip my mink hat to Bo for that. But then he used to be a chief adviser to the European Parliament and to European Commission prez Jose Manuel Barroso. So lobbying for kitten farmers must seem like a walk in the park…

Still, he’s in good company.

fur-ther *fur-hat-tip* to a regular reader for the info. And the headline. BM

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