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Fun Friday Quiz!! Which Member of the EESC Bureau Are You??

Find out which member of the European Economic and Social Committee’s Bureau you are by answering our fun 41-question survey!

Are you:

1) Henri Malosse? 2) Jane Morrice? 3) Hans-Joachim Wilms? 4) Ariadna Abeltina? 5) Pedro Augusto Almeida Freire? 6) Grace Attard? 7) Stephane Buffetaut? 8) Carmelo Cedrone? 9) Petru Sorin Dandea? 10) Georgios Dassis? 11) Bernd Dittmann? 12) Benedicte Federspiel? 13) Luca Jahier? 14) Tomasz Jaskinski? 15) Seppo Kallio? 16) Sally Anne Kinahan? 17) Jacek Krawczyk? 18) Michalis Lytras? 19) Mindaugas Maciulevicius? 20) Anica Milicevic-Pezelj? 21) Arno Metzler? 22) Denis Meynent? 23) Andre Mordant? 24) Maureen O’Neill? 25) Jan Oravec? 26) Eve Paarendson? 27) Maurizio Reale? 28) Martin Siecker? 29) Anne-Marie Sigmund? 30) Dilyana Slavova? 31) Erik Svensson? 32) Carlos Trias Pinto? 33) Joost Van Iersel? 34) Ioannis Vardakastanis? 35) Janos Vertes? 36) Kathleen Walker Shaw? 37) Josef Zboril? 38) Christophe Zeeb? 39) Andrej Zorko? 40) Jose Maria Zufiaur Narvaiza? 41) None of the above?

If you answered:

1) then you are: Henri Malosse!! 2) then you are: Jane Morrice!! 3) then you are: Hans-Joachim Wilms!! 4) then you are: Ariadna Abeltina!! 5) then you are: Pedro Augusto Almeida Freire!! 6) then you are: Grace Attard!! 7) then you are: Stephane Buffetaut!! 8) then you are: Carmelo Cedrone!! 9) then you are: Petru Sorin Dandea!! 10) then you are: Georgios Dassis!! 11) then you are: Bernd Dittmann!! 12) then you are: Benedicte Federspiel!! 13) then you are: Luca Jahier!! 14) then you are: Tomasz Jaskinski!! 15) then you are: Seppo Kallio!! 16) then you are: Sally Anne Kinahan!! 17) then you are: Jacek Krawczyk!! 18) then you are: Michalis Lytras!! 19) then you are: Mindaugas Maciulevicius!! 20) then you are: Anica Milicevic-Pezelj!! 21) then you are: Arno Metzler!! 22) then you are: Denis Meynent!! 23) then you are: Andre Mordant!! 24) then you are: Maureen O’Neill!! 25) then you are: Jan Oravec!! 26) then you are: Eve Paarendson!! 27) then you are: Maurizio Reale!! 28) then you are: Martin Siecker!! 29) then you are: Anne-Marie Sigmund!! 30) then you are: Dilyana Slavova!! 31) then you are: Erik Svensson!! 32) then you are: Carlos Trias Pinto!! 33) then you are: Joost Van Iersel!! 34) then you are: Ioannis Vardakastanis!! 35) then you are: Janos Vertes!! 36) then you are: Kathleen Walker Shaw!! 37) then you are: Josef Zboril!! 38) then you are: Christophe Zeeb!! 39) then you are: Andrej Zorko!! 40) then you are: Jose Maria Zufiaur Narvaiza!! 41) then I’m afraid you are not a member of the European Economic and Social Committee’s Bureau…

Share your questionnaire result with friends on Facebooks and the Twitters! They’ll be just fucking thrilled!

“Turns out, I’m Denis Meynent! Rapporteur for Industrial Products!” Said Denis Meynent.

Next Friday: Which delegate on the European Parliament Working Group on Innovation, Access to Medicines and Poverty-Related Diseases are YOU!!


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