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EXCLUSIVE: This blog has gone downhill

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

This blog has gone downhill and has pretty much died a death, this blog can reveal.

Once a talking point and frequent reference website for literally several people in the EU bubble, this blog’s usage stats are now practically zero.

Fuelled by the dwindling popularity of the blog format and frankly infrequent and worsening-quality content, this blog is barely worth maintaining.

In a further sign that this blog has gone to the dogs, the link to the once kind-of-popular merch website doesn’t work anymore.

Even the comment-bots have given up posting their wares here.

I mean, the last post was almost a year ago.

In part to blame for the collapse of this blog is Twitter, where half-arsed half-amusing ideas can be churned out with considerably less effort.

But above all, it’s thought that the fundamental lack of funny things to say about the EU is behind the blog’s demise.

After more than a decade, it’s said that the three objects of pillory within the EU – ill-judged campaigns, what things cost, and vainglorious has-beens/never-will-bes – have now gone through every possible iteration of satire at least three times.

If you’ve read this far, congratulations. Have a t-shirt.

If you can get the link over there to work. ===========>


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