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European Mo-mission

It’s one of those questions to which the answer is invariably ‘no’ (or QTWTAINs, in line with Betteridge’s Law):

“I wonder if I’d look good with a moustache?”

For those wondering about the predominance this month of gents wandering self-consciously around with adolescent follicle sproutings under their noses, it’s for charity innit.

“Movember” aims to raise profile and money for men’s health issues, in particular prostate and testicular cancer. For Brusselites, find a local Mo-Bro top-lip topiarist to sponsor via the Movember Belgium facebook page or via the Movember Belgium official portal.

To mark the mo-ment, here’s some photoshop fun with some of our political masters. Just to show sometimes the answer to the question above can be: “oh, yes, yes indeed.”

“I come for your current account surplus! MWAHAhahaa” Jose BarroMo

“Sho to shave…” Neelie Kroestache

Fracking hell – Hair Oettinger

Elle razor – Viviane Remington

High Lip – Baroness Tash-ton

Economic a-furs – Rehn Supreme

Mo’ to come.


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