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European Commission is lovely, say people

A staggering 88.95 per cent of Europeans think the European Commission is ‘quite, quite lovely’, according to a poll released today.

The poll, commissioned by the commission, and conducted by the commission’s in-house polling unit Eurobarometer, and written by the commission, came up with the stunning results that despite suspicions that Brussels HQ was unpopular with its subjects, citizens in fact go starry-eyed at mere mention of the institution.

Responding to the multiple choice survey, almost nine in every ten Europeans gave their ringing endorsement to the commission and everything it does.

Asked which of the following they agreed with:

A) Ban home cooking. B) Death to fluffy bunnies. And some babies. C) Down with Earth and millinery. D) The European Commission and everything it does is quite, quite lovely.

most opted for D.

Almost 5 per cent chose option A, which the commission is now looking into as a viable future EU regulation.

See also previous Eurobarometer reports: ‘EU Ombudsman? Cracking fellow’ (no. 269/Wave66.34) ‘Enlargement has been good for our souls’ (no.268/Wave66.32)

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