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EU to continue crackdown on nuisances of yesteryear

Hot on the heels of the media success of the EU's campaign to introduce a single phone-charging connector, the bloc is considering further regulatory action to resolve problems that aren't really that problematic anymore.

A draft working document, seen by Berlaymonster, lists the following as potential targets for upcoming legislative proposals.

The CD Packaging Regulation - Adoption of a decision to phase out by 2025 the fiddly plastic wraps on CDs.

EU Cartographic Re-pliage Guidelines - Soft-law guidance on how to fold away maps after having opened them up.

The Phonebook Indexation Directive - A framework initiative to harmonise national legislation to make it easier to find names in phonebooks, through innovations such as alphabetised thumbholes or tabs.

The Teletex Regulation - obliging TV text information services to adopt better page-advancing technology to avoid the hassle of trying to check the football results only to accidentally skip a page and have to continue scrolling through the weather, TV guide, Travel, News Headlines, News, and Local news to get back to the sport again.

And to resolve the issues of post-war food supply, there are plans to keep plugging away with the Common Agricultural Policy.


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