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EU to clamp down on immigrant pests

The European Commission is planning a crackdown on immigration that is posing a threat to indigenous races and costing the EU taxpayer billions a year.

In a rhetoric Enoch Powell would have been proud of, the commission said today it wanted to “deal with species from abroad” which pose a threat to Europe. Such “invasive” new arrivals “are a major threat” and “cause considerable damage,” the commission said in a statement (no, really. See here).

“Controlling invasive species and repairing the damage they do is estimated to cost European economies at least 12 billion euros each year,” the statement fulminates.

There is even an EU-backed register of these insidious unwelcome parasites (and some of them actually are parasites). The DAISIE database (Delivering Alien Invasive Species Inventories for Europe), with the improbable URL, goes as far as to blacklist “100 of the worst”.

While the EU’s approach to human migration has attracted accusations of being permissive, its mouth-frothing invective for such harmless-sounding aliens as the ‘zebra mussel’ and the ‘harlequin ladybird’ is sure to please the most hardened Daily Express reader.

“They come over ‘ere, pushing honest, hard-working British ladybirds out of their ‘abitats” said one.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’ve nuffing against ’em. They can do what they like in their own country. Some of my best mates are non-indigenous species.”

“But they’re a drain on our eco-system, and we should send ’em back where they came from.”

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