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EU tables capacity-building boost

The European Commission plans to roll out greater capacity over the next decade, in a bid to meet the bloc's 2035 targets.

Binding interim targets should see the EU build out 30 percent more capacity by 2030, to "front-load" the effort towards the total 40 percent target by 2035.

"Capacity building is vital if we're to lead the world in capacity over the coming years," said Commission Vice President for the Benchmarking Vision for Europe, Albert Kuñardocz.

"Without building out Europe's capacity, we won't have as much capacity as we'd have otherwise had," he added.

A 2015 target to set more capacious 2035 capacity targets by 2020 failed, due to a lack of capacity.

The OECD capacity index now has the EU lagging behind other G7 members, prompting EU leaders last year to agree the 2035 goal to make the bloc "capacity-capable in a sustainable globalized digital green economy." Fears over lagging efforts have prompted the EU's executive to table proposals for a bigger push earlier.

But EU member states are expected to push back at the binding interim targets, with some preferring capacity building to take place at national level to reflect the differing levels of domestic capacity and capacity-building capacity.

The capacity building proposals follow plans last week for a draft law to improve performance across the key areas, and will be followed by a regulation to report on and monitor enhancement metrics.

The proposals are all part of the EU's bigger push for a "Better Europe, Better."

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