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EU solves global warming!

Brussels’ snow proof global warming no longer an issue, claims Dimas.

The European Commission has taken the unprecedented step of claiming to have “solved” global warming. In a press release, Stavros Dimas, commissioner for the environment, states “It is thanks only to joint European initiatives that Brussels has seen snow this weekend. We can say with conviction that Europe is no longer affected by the issues around global warming and the greenhouse effect.”

When contacted by the Berlaymonster for a comment, Mr. Dimas looked slightly bemused and said “is this a joke?”

A spokesman from DG Development was sure it must be. Speaking under the condition of anonymity, he said “it’s all very well claiming that Europe isn’t suffering from climate change any more, but what about our neighbours elsewhere in the world? In Australia at the moment it’s summer. They’ll be scorching hot. Can we spare some snow to send them, I ask? I fear the answer is probably no.”

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