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EU’s Schulz fury over lack of US spying allegations


A senior Brussels EU lawmaker has railed at findings he has been completely overlooked by US spying campaigns.

The outrage from European Parliament leader Martin Schulz follows revelations that American secret services have been bugging EU offices.

Just not his.

“This is unacceptable,” Schulz said this weekend.

“I mean, I see stuff too. I get documents.”

“I had a phone call the other day from someone really important. I did. I can’t tell you who, but we spoke for several minutes. He then realised it was a wrong number, but that’s not the point…”

Schulz added: “ask yourself this. Who was it they gave the Nobel medal to to hold? Me. Not the other two. Me.”

An aide to the parliament leader said Schulz had tried all sorts to attract the attention of intelligence services.

His computer screen faces the window and he leaves it logged on over the weekend, the aide said.

He also regularly “loses” his briefcase – complete with all his ID and security clearance details and latest policy drafts – on casual strolls near the US, Chinese and Korean embassies in Brussels, but they keep returning it to him, unopened.

Schulz demanded US authorities install listening devices and hack into his emails “without delay” otherwise “something will happen. Something. You mark my words. Not sure what yet, but … yeah.”

He went on to casually mention his mother’s maiden name and the name of his first pet.


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