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EU’s founding fathers to make hologram comeback

Two of the EU’s key founding fathers, Jean Monnet and Robert Schuman, are to make a virtual comeback at a press conference later this month.

Following the successful resurrection of dead rapper Tupac this week in a hologram performance, EU commission president Jose Manuel Barroso and council prez Herman van Rompuy are to stage a similar stunt with the defunct euro-heroes.

Monnet, who has been dead since 1979, and Schuman – since ’63 – will be reanimated through the latest in EU-funded technology, in the form of two life-size cardboard cutouts.

Three interns will be deployed to move the arms and provide the voices of the two men, who are expected to express their support for the ongoing work of messrs Bozo and van Rental, and echo the insistence of a need now more than ever for a coordinated yeah blah whatever.


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