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EU’s fifth wheel wants to ban fashion

A pot and a kettle, yesterday

And in doing so, makes a case for its own demise

One of the EU’s more arcane bodies has made a desperate bid for profile, with an announcement today that it wants to “ban” products that aren’t made to last.

“Bulbs that burn out after a certain time, batteries that run out within a set period or clothes that quickly fall out of fashion are just a few examples” of what it calls “planned obsolescence,” the EESC says.

It calls for a “total ban” on such goods.

And someone at the EESC clearly has it in for the rag trade.

The fashion industry “is built around consumer demand for new and different styles not the durability of individual garments. But even here, turnover is becoming faster and new models are often designed to make their predecessors look ugly or out-of-date,” the institutionette notes.

Is this really one of those “Big Things” that Captain Bozo said merited “Big” EU action?

Or the febrile squawk of an institutional spare wheel that fears its own obsolescence if belt-tightening EU leaders crowbar open the EU’s structures?


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