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EU regions committee seeks attention, any attention

As does the other one. That economic and social thingy, whatever it’s called.

The EU’s Committee of the Regions today cleared its throat in a bid for some attention.

“Ahem,” the CoR said in a non-binding report delivered to the EU’s parliament, council and commission.

“Like, hellllOOOoooo,” it continued, “are we, like, invisible or something?“

The cri-de-coeur comes as the headline institutions grapple over the reins of Europe as the continent seeks a way out of its financial crisis.

“We’ve got ideas too you know,” the 113 page report states.

“Like that time we said that innovation at the level of the regions had the potential to boost local economies.“

“Or the Christmas-raffle proposal.”

The CoR report was timed to coincide with a parallel plea from the European Economic and Social Committee. The EESC document, written in adolescent verse, says “The hand that’s gloved in its obscurity/Still has the same desire for touch/As those hands whose caress/And tactile joyfulness/Are nothing new.”

EU leaders, meeting in Brussels this week, welcomed the joint reports, saying the documents were “a valuable contribution” to the summit, “as the big round table was a bit wobbly.”


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