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EU presidency handover leaves Germany only *unofficially* running Europe

Germany at the end of last year handed over the reins of the EU's rotating six-month presidency to Portugal, depriving Europe's powerhouse of the formal mandate to dictate what's what.

The transition leaves Germany with only*

- European Commission president

- 10% of all Commission Director-General posts

- 13.8% of all commission staff posts

- European Parliament Secretary General

- 18% of EP party president posts

- representing 34% of EP seats

- 15% of EP 'bureau' posts

- including 20% of EP 'quaestor' posts

- 19% of EP committee chairs

- 17% of European Central Bank executive positions

- Plus ECB's Chief Services Officer post

A German official said: "we let France keep the CAP and Strasbourg. Italy and Spain just get to stay. Belgium chooses the curtains. We do everything else."

Proof you don't have to be in the driving seat to be in charge.

*Source: an insomnia-driven trawl of the EU institutions' websites

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