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EU olive-oil bottle ban the result of “drunken policy-making session”

A planned EU ban on refillable olive oil bottles in restaurants is in doubt, after the official who drafted it conceded it was all a bit of a drunken joke.

“You’ve done what?!” said the official, on learning his plan was close to seeing the light of day.

“I’ve been away for a month. Why didn’t anyone call me??!”

The ban, he said, was the product of “one very bored and drunken afternoon” of policy making.

“There’s not much happening in olive oil management, so we popped next door to the wine unit and got tucked in to their surplus,” said the horrified eurocrat, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“By about four we made up a game to write legislation blind.”

The drunk officials took it in turns to write a line of proposal, but then folded over the paper so the next person couldn’t see what had been written before.

“We fell about laughing when we saw the result. Hilarious.”

“But someone must have accidentally popped it into the legislative process by mistake.”

Red-faced senior officials privately conceded it was not the first time the EU had legislated under the influence.

“How do you think we came up with going to Strasbourg once a month?” admitted one, with a wink.

He continued, “you know what, you’re my best mate you are. No really, shhhh, you are, you ARE.”


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